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Corporate Entrepreneurship for Any Level of Employee

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While many feel there is an embarrassment issue with having a “cubicle job,” there is nothing wrong with working in corporate. Moreover, working in a corporate environment does not mean that one cannot be an entrepreneur.

As a matter of fact, corporations have the most money for new ventures and, for the right people, are much more willing to lend than banks. Still, there are very few real corporate entrepreneurs.

Yet there are millions who claim the title mainly due to the fact that they feel inadequate about some facet of the social status that is attached to their job and / or company.

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How do we define corporate entrepreneurship?


First, let’s define what corporate entrepreneurship is not:

Corporate entrepreneurship has nothing to do with a person’s title, yet most corporate entrepreneurs carry a high title within their respective companies because their CEO does not want them to leave, thus does everything possible to please them and make their life comfortable within the company.


Here is what corporate entrepreneurship is:


Corporate entrepreneurs are those who have the guts to tell their boss how the company can be improved, have a plan to implement those improvements and who can be savvy enough to get the money and executive backing necessary to implement their vision.

Corporate entrepreneurs learn to use fear as only a driver, not a hindrance to performance, and are not afraid of being told “no” or being fired. Also, corporate entrepreneurs love their company and believe in the product or service it does and can offer.


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How to become a true corporate entrepreneur – 4 ways


1. Find the right company.


Corporate entrepreneurs are hunters, therefore they are willing to leave their current position to find one that is fitting enough to allow them to have the freedom they want.


2. Prove yourself prior to asking for anything.


There is nothing better than having an employee who waits to produce prior to asking for something from the CEO or anyone in management. This means that keeping your mouth shut at first is better than reciting Shakespeare.


3. Know what you’re talking about.


Corporate entrepreneurs are experts in their field. Anyone can be a visionary, but without expertise, vision remains nearsighted.


4. Know that you may be fired.


Entrepreneurship is all about embracing failure and learning about oneself. It is no different in corporate and if you’re not willing to put all the chips on the table, you’ll simply remain in the group that wrongfully claims they are corporate entrepreneurs.



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"ken sundheim"

Ken Sundheim by Harry Agress

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