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Where the Definition of Consultative Selling Falls Short

Defining Consultative Selling:


Consultative Selling – consultative selling is the most widely known, most widely implemented sales strategy among business development professionals throughout all industries.


However, that implementation does not mean success of any kind.


What is Consultative selling?


Because many authors have given the term a different spin, we will generalize and define consultative selling as the uncovering of a prospective clients’ needs through asking the prospect pertinent, intelligent inquiries regarding their needs for that particular product / service.


Where the sales methodology falls short:


It sounds great and many sales professionals do ask questions, though most fail to listen as they are attempting to sell you a particular product or service regardless of your answer to their question.


This is due to many reasons and it is not always the sales professional’s fault, but two of the main drivers for a lack of successful implementation of consultative selling tactics are:


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