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The Fight That Is Young Entrepreneurship

In order to be successful any entrepreneur has to have an undying drive to not only sculpt his or her vision, but regardless of barriers and other outside forces, implement it.


When it comes to creating this vision, it’s not the most intelligent who wins; it’s who is willing to go toe to toe with the most intelligent and do the necessary work to beat them.


Doing so gets especially tricky when you are much younger and thus less experienced (and maybe less funded) than your competition.


1. It’s Not “I Believe I Can”, It’s “I Believe I Deserve It” – successful entrepreneurship at a young age starts and becomes successful at the point where the young entrepreneur realizes that if he or she doesn’t do it, someone else will.


Where the young entrepreneur falls short in experience, he must make up with ego. At first, this mentality can seem daunting for younger business owners, however that is because it is a different way of thinking that becomes habitual; that should become habitual.


2. Goals Higher Than Anyone Has Achieved – when an inexperienced small business owner enters an industry, nobody pays attention.


As a matter of fact, people immediately write them off.


It is for this reason that he or she has an advantage – if and only if they set their goals higher than not only their previous ambitions, but rather set their sights on dominating their respective industry.


While this a long climb, the ascent, when taken step by step is as challenging as it is fun and lucrative.


3. Reliability On Oneself – I’ve learned from experience that if the small business owner does not do a particular task him or herself, it won’t get done properly…period.


Many aspiring business owners feel that they should use their strengths when, phrased more properly, they should continue to expand on them.


Since I’ve started my company, I’ve had to learn things that I never thought I would and the work load is intensive, but I know that having someone else do it properly is too expensive and being able to dabble in multiple parts of my business not only makes me a better CEO, it kills the mundane feeling of a corporate job.


4. Resiliency Separates the Business Owners from the Resume Writers – when you successfully penetrate an industry, especially as a young entrepreneur, you are going to ruffle some feathers.


Unfortunately, instead of improving their own business, many times people will attempt to knock you off your game.


They figure you’re young and can be manipulated much easier. When my company started to become known in the industry, I received hate mail from time to time. Though, this drove me to further succeed. Getting knocked down is something that happens to all of us.


However, know that it happens to those who want to become successful more than it does to others. In the end, those who relentlessly and, thus successfully pursue their dreams are the ones who learn to get up and keep on going. As a young entrepreneur, you’re not alone, but remember that you are your own best friend.


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