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5 Questions to Ask on a Marketing Interview

Asking About the Competition


1.What is your competitor’s marketing like?


Although you should know this via doing your research prior to the interview, asking this question will give some very good insight into what the interviewer actually thinks of their marketing in comparison which will give you an idea as to the exact job at hand.


For instance, the interviewer may allude to the fact that their current marketing is inferior to that of other firms in the space, thus telling you to focus on more of a “change” rather than “status quo” or safe interviewing approach.


On the flip side, if the interviewer boasts that the competition is weaker than they are, when interviewing don’t discuss how you are going to reinvent their whole marketing campaign. They are taking the “It ain’t broke” approach and so should you.


Past Successes and Failures


2. In the past, what marketing initiatives have been most effective and why do you think so?


With this question, you should be uncovering as to what the interviewing company has done in the past, what they like and what they don’t like. How is this important?


Knowing what types of marketing campaigns the company holds dear will, among other things:


A. Prevent you from focusing on a different type of marketing during the interview. i.e. you’re not going to get a predominately online marketing job by discussing how great social media is and that the company definitively needs a Facebook page.


B. Allow you to better understand where the majority of your day is going to be spent and whether this mirrors your strengths, thus providing you with a better idea as to whether you will like the job.


Social Media


3.Are you using social media? Why or why not?


The number of companies that are frustrated with their current social media results is astronomically high – something that is especially rampant in the small to mid-size businesses that our recruiting firm works with.


A lack of social media efforts is a sore spot for most companies (regardless of whether or not they truly need it) and the prospect of remedying their lackluster performance through a general marketing hire is very enticing….very. 5 Questions to Ask on a Marketing Interview Continued


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5 Questions to Ask on a Sales or Marketing Interview




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