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How To Work With a Head Hunter

Ken Sundheim CEO KAS Placement

How To Work With a Head Hunter


There is an air of confused mystery around working with a head hunter and how to best approach a recruiting firm to find the job you think fits both your personality and salary requirements.


Unfortunately, much of the information floating around about how to best work with a head hunter is inaccurate. Follow the below tips and you’ll be one step closer to your dream job.


– Understand How Head Hunters Work – Head hunters work via getting paid by the employer, not the job candidate.  At least, the ethical ones do.  Therefore, what you are worth to a head hunter is the same you are worth to their clients – no more, no less.


So, when working with a recruiter think about what their client wants and not what the recruiter him/herself may personally want in an applicant, as the client is the end decision maker in the staffing process.


– Follow Submission Guidelines – My recruiting firm receives tons of resumes per day and, to save time, we ask the job applicants who apply with our staffing agency to follow some basic submission guidelines.


The reason we do so is to find the resumes in our database much more quickly when a job comes up.  Just as importantly, we want to see if the job seekers who are applying can follow basic directions – a good insight as to whether they will be an effective employee for the client of our head hunting firm.


– Make Sure The Head Hunter Could Use Your Expertise – If a recruiter works in finance, they are not going to be able to find you your dream marketing job.  Stick with recruiters who are going to have clients who can use your speciality.


All different types of head hunters exist, including the right head hunter for you.  You just have to find them and appropriately follow the rules in this article in order to successfully work with those recruitment companies.


– Don’t Stalk – If you don’t get what you want at first, don’t go the route of “stalking” a head hunter.  This only ruins your chances of achieving your end goal, which is a job that you like and a job that you can succeed in.


Play it cool and if you feel that you are contacting the head hunter too much, step back and take a breather.  If you submitted your resume the proper way, know that these headhunters know you are out there and be patient.


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Ken Sundheim is the CEO of an executive search firm by the name of KAS Placement.  KAS Placement specializes in staffing sales, marketing and media job seekers throughout the United States for clients from over 30 countries.



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