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How Not To Work With a Headhunter

Ken Sundheim CEO KAS Placement

Embarrassing Mistakes Job Seekers Make When Approaching Headhunters


Hiding Intentions to Speak to a Headhunter – “Hello, um this is Mark, um I’m looking for a recruiter in sales jobs. Um…have someone call me about business development and recruiting.”


The recruiters at KAS must weed through at least 5 of these messages daily. They are simply job seekers trying to get a call from a headhunter by leaving a grey area as to whether they are a job seeker or a recruiting party not thinking about what if they got a person in a bad mood on the other line.


To try to combat this compulsive and counterintuitive behavior, my recruiting firm has placed “calls from employers only” all over our website, though from a behavior standpoint this seems to only entice the caller thinking that they are in the minority and that leaving a voicemail is going to get them a job.


In order to keep our phone system, I have had to teach my employees to identify certain voice fluctuations people make when they are lying. This practice then becomes irksome because it takes time away from the clients and job seekers who are offering or deserve a job.


There is no upside to do this. Yes. Searching for a job can be frustrating, but when you get to this point it is time to step back and return to job search fundamentals.


Mailing Stupid Things – the garbage at KAS has seen the likes of plastic dolls, cheap instruments, pictures of people dressed up in weird costumes, pictures of people Photoshopped to death and many more.


At age 30, I had to learn a lot about people to get where I am and one of those things was reading their pictures and deciphering the type of person they are from that one shot and here is some of what I found:


If You’re Turned Around – means that you are hiding something as to who you are. Many serial killers have pictures of themselves with body turned to the camera.


If The Picture is Far Away – chances are that you had a minor deformity in youth such as acne and are still afraid of being seeing you due to heavy ridicule when you were a child. Job seekers, to be successful must get over bad areas of their past or they will never be successful.


Normal Pic From Waste Up – typically means that you are a normal individual who, statistically works well with others and who is okay with themselves as people.


While #1 and #2 are factors that you can’t help but feel for these individuals as to think of oneself via the guidelines we were given when younger is sad, but they get the job seeker nowhere when working with many headhunters.


The reason for this is that the discomfort of these job seekers with themselves makes headhunters (smart ones) insecure about presenting them to clients. If an interviewer does not have confidence in himself or herself nobody else will. Only you can build your confidence as a job seeker.

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