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Executive Level Questions To Ask On a 2nd Interview

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Executive Level Questions To Ask On a 2nd Interview

We’ve touched upon entry and mid-level questions that interviewees should ask the other side of the table during their meeting, however we are yet to compile a similar list for more mature job seekers and the questions they should be asking.


Below, you will find 5 questions that any senior job seeker should ask during their second interview with any company.
1. How Is the Competition Doing In X Area? As a potential employee, you need to get a feel for how competitive your potential employer is in the market and the reasons behind this ranking.


The stronger the foothold the competition has, the harder it is going to be to land deals. It’s that simplistic. Well, it can get more complex if your employer doesn’t care about that facet of the business and won’t invest to make you competitive.


2. What Is Your Hiring Plan For the Coming Years i.e. Predicting Aggressive Growth? Aggressive growth doesn’t always translate to positive. As a matter of fact, it can mean that you can suddenly get lost in the crowd even though you were an original standout.


Keep this in mind if the interviewer keeps discussing overly ambitious hiring goals – also, that’s a threat fiscally to many companies and, thus is a threat to your job. Continued on New Blog KAS Recruitment

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