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The Career of a Young CEO

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Being the young CEO of a recruitment company, I hold many jobs.  Some are exciting while others are more in the “have to do” category.  Below, I’ve listed just a few of those jobs as well as the expectations that a young CEO has.


1. Leadership and Management – This could be the hardest part for many young entrepreneurs as managing those your age or even close to your age can be a tricky proposition.


Running my executive search firm for some time now, it is in my opinion that people follow those who respect them and who possess industry knowledge sufficient for them to learn and the company to grow.


2. Sales and Marketing – Sales and marketing is important for any CEO to stay on top of and when it comes to young business leaders, this principal stands.


The young business owner must come to the realization that nobody knows and loves their company as much as they do and this passion can be heard by the customer loud and clear.


3. Company Vision – The best CEOs have a clear-cut vision for their company and stick to their guns until that vision is complete.


When starting any company, the young entrepreneur is at a disadvantage and it’s this relentless drive that grows the organization into a major player in the field.


The Overall Job


As a young entrepreneur growing a business, there is one contant amid all the variables: there is always something to do.


Therefore, I would say it’s safe to assume that you must love what you do as being the CEO of any firm, you are married to your job until that company gets off the ground.  In the end, believe in yourself, make sure to do all of your work and growth will happen.


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