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The Toughest Things I’ve Had To Do As An Entrepreneur

"NYU Ken Sundheim"

1. Look at my own faults rather than blaming others – I think it’s a lot easier for us to blame others when things don’t go the way we want rather than looking at ourselves and identifying what we can improve.


As an entrepreneur, I’ve come to learn that it is sometimes painful, yet always necessary to analyze situations from a neutral perspective, even if that assessment comes back with a verdict that it may be my fault.


It took some time, however I’ve come to the conclusion that we can only work on ourselves and cannot control the actions of others.  Trying to do the latter is simply counterproductive.


2. Not spend like a rockstar – I must say that I think many entrepreneurs are what I refer to as “media entrepreneurs,” meaning that due to heavy exposure in the media, people assume that they make a lot of money.


Moreover, I think that these young business professionals play into this assumption, which gives many youngsters an excuse to spend frivolously, as if it were the typical lifestyle of an entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurs need to consistently save money; you never know when there is going to be a down time.  Enjoy the ups and prepare for the downs is what I always say, even if I sometimes grit my teeth saying it.


3. Firing employees – I’ve had to fire my share of employees and it’s never pleasant.  The lower level they are, the harder it is despite behaviors that go against the success of the business.


I am one that thinks that there is good in all of us and possibly I didn’t adhere to the above #1…but who knows.  All I can tell you is that be careful whom you hire and do your best to be a fair and caring manager.


4. Breaking into the media – The media was very difficult to break into and it took me a great deal of time.


The best advice I can give to anyone is to start guest posting at reputable sites via contacting editors and, once your articles begin to catch on, go to the media sites and see if they’ll take a look.  Persistence, not nagging, is the key to the media.


5. Gaining the courage to become an entrepreneur – Starting my NY / LA executive search firm was probably the toughest thing I’ve had to do as an entrepreneur.  Going out on your own is a rush of nerves and doubt which eventually subsides.


Just know that those nerves and doubt are only for a short period of time and fear is a poor reason not to go out on your own.


In the End


Hopefully, throughout these experiences and explanations, there are some takeaways not just for aspiring business owners, but also businessmen and businesswomen looking to get further in their career via gaining more of an entrepreneurial mindset in their everyday work.


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